Say Yes Parenting

As a stay at home mom of three, I have learned a lot of ways to say No.

Not now.

In a minute.

Let me just do this one thing first.

Maybe later.

Maybe after dinner.

Give me a few minutes.

We’ll see.


We can’t right now.

Sorry, we don’t have time.

Ehh… maybe in a bit.

I wish we could, but we need to leave right now.

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Do You Know Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?

Today I wanted to share a cute little story-time play date idea of reading an adorable book and having a tasty book-themed snack!  The adorable book I’m referring to today is Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont.

The first time we read this book, we borrowed it from the library on a whim.  We liked it so much that we decided to buy a copy for ourselves.  This book is great for beginning readers as well as younger kids.  It has a lot of repetition in rhyme, so when we read it, it comes out sounding like a little song.  Basically, the kangaroo is making cookies, but she realizes her cookie dough is missing.  She asks another animal if he knows who ate all the cookie dough.  That animal directs her to another animal who promptly directs her to another animal.  We find out who eats all the cookie dough at the end under a lift-and-see flap.  Really a cute story! Continue reading “Do You Know Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?”


Remember my old friend Mindfulness that I talked about in regards to eating healthily?  Mindfulness is being present in the moment, paying attention to what we do, and doing what we do on purpose.  Well, turns out Mindfulness has a partner called Meditation.  Meditation is focusing your mind on one thing, and it’s a great tool to relax and increase mindfulness.  It’s retraining your brain to slow down and retraining your body to be calm and to breathe deeply.  There are many ways to practice meditation, from simply clearing your mind to focus on your body’s natural breathing or the sound of the quiet room you are in to focusing on a single thought or progressively relaxing the muscles in your body.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of meditating?  Monks?  Hippies?  People sitting still in a beautiful jungle palace courtyard in front of a peaceful waterfall chanting “Ohm”?  Continue reading “Meditation”

Menu Mondays are Back!

With all the craziness that came with the month of May, I dropped the ball big time on menu planning!  I tried but failed miserably.  YIKES, I know!  Back at it again this month! Continue reading “Menu Mondays are Back!”

Sometimes You Have It All Together, and Sometimes You Don’t

Hi friends!  It’s been entirely too long since I’ve worked on the blog.  It started out with sick children, and then I had a little spell where I was extremely tired but not actually ill thanks to the Epstein-Barr virus.  I’m sure I’ll write up a little post all about that one day.  In any case, I’m finally on the up and up, after missing most of April and all of May!  So let’s catch up, k? Continue reading “Sometimes You Have It All Together, and Sometimes You Don’t”

Finding Surprises While Decluttering

My month’s goal for April is to get rid of all our excess stuff.  I’m starting with the main level of my home.  Once I get that under control, I’ll move to the upstairs.  The upstairs has a LOT of problem areas:  my room, my older girls’ shared room, and a playroom/guest room.  Honestly, I don’t even want to think about those rooms, but I know that if I get them done, I’ll feel a weight lift from my shoulders.  Oh, and I also have the dreaded garage.  Why is it that everything ends up in the garage?!  I know why:  Because we don’t have a basement. 😊 Continue reading “Finding Surprises While Decluttering”

Menu Monday & A Week of Rest

Wow, it’s been a busy two weeks.  I overbooked myself the week before last, and then last week, my husband had an unexpected work trip where he was out of town for a few days.  Plus, my girls were on Spring Break from school and preschool.  All the changes in routines and schedules made for another busy week for me!

But I have good news!  My schedule this week has a lot of free space, and boy, do I need it!  I love having some down time, where I don’t feel rushed to do everything.  Maybe I’ll do a little extra cooking.  Or perhaps, I’ll finish one of the many books I’m reading.  Maybe I’ll just nap more.  😊  Rest is something that everyone needs regularly.  It’s so important to let your body and mind take a break.  It’s easy to get caught up in being busy in life, but I’m looking forward to taking it easy this week.

My motto for this week!

On to my meal plan for the week:

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What Better Time of the Year to Refresh by Clearing Clutter While Spring Cleaning?!

It’s April!  One of my favorite Spring months!  The weather seems to be warmer.  Flowers are blooming, and the trees are starting to bud.  It’s a season of new growth and new beginnings.  It’s the perfect month to focus on something that makes me feel SO GOOD inside:  DECLUTTERING and SPRING CLEANING!

If you’ve known me for a very long time, you know that decluttering and cleaning is NOT something I’ve always been into.  When I was younger, I probably could have sat in a hoarder’s home and not been bothered by the stuff all around, as long as it was clean-ish.  I’d be bothered if there were bugs or if everything was actually dirty, but being just plain ol’ messy did not bother me in the least.  Somewhere in my home, I have a photo of my dorm room from freshman year.  In that photo, my side of the room looks like a bomb went off.  My roommate’s side of the room was perfectly polished.  It must have been torture for that poor girl to live in the same room with me!  For the most part, I kept everything contained to my side… I think.

After getting married and creating a family, I starting to get an itch to go minimalist and to be more organized.  When it was just me, my things were somewhat manageable.  However, with each new person we added to the family, our stuff grew more out of hand.  One morning I woke up and took a good look at the zoo I was living in.  I could feel all those brightly colored toys taking over my soul.  That was a moment of clarity.  My family had way more things than we needed. Continue reading “What Better Time of the Year to Refresh by Clearing Clutter While Spring Cleaning?!”

March’s Grocery Budget Verdict!

Oh my goodness, am I excited to share this post?!?!?!  YES, I AM!

High Fivin’ Myself for being so awesome!!

During the month of March, I wanted to focus on being more intentional with our family’s finances.  At the beginning of the month, I sat down with my husband, looked at our finances, and created a budget.  Click here to read more about that.  One of our biggest budget downfalls is food, so I made a pact with myself to REALLY focus on sticking to a budget in this category.  I DONE GOOD, YALL.

How good you might ask?!  Well, our grocery total for this month was a whopping 36% less than budgeted.  And our restaurant total for this month was HALF than budgeted.  This is AMAZING because if you go back and look at the data, we usually spend MORE than budgeted on both groceries and eating out.  So it’s a BIG, BIG deal for me to spend considerably less than budgeted.  And oddly enough, I didn’t use coupons or take into consideration whatever I earned through IBOTTA or with credit card rewards.

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How I Shop for Clothes Without Spending a Fortune

Yesterday I talked about some awesome deals I found at Kohl’s.  Gahhhh!  I just love to find a great deal!  Especially on clothing.  Clothing is something everyone needs, but I just don’t see the sense in spending a boatload of your hard-earned income on clothes because: A) Styles change.  B) Clothing needs change.  C) Bodies change.  (Um… hello pregnancy!)  and D) Clothes don’t last forever.

And I know some folks believe in their heart of hearts that expensive clothes will last longer or look better than cheap clothes.  However, in my own regular person experience, I have had very expensive clothing wear out after a season. And I’ve had very inexpensive clothing last for many years.  And I’ve gotten more compliments on my Forever 21 clothes than on my embarrassingly expensive jeans.  But of course, I stay at home and don’t have anyone to impress so take my advice how you will.  🙂

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