2017’s Monthly Areas of Focus

In 2017, I’m planning to focus my energy on improving twelve individual areas in my life.   Each month has a different focus.  The goal being to improve my own life, one month at a time!  Each topic is an area of life where small improvements can make a big difference in helping to keep the sparkle in life.  Wouldn’t you agree that a monthly focus is a better solution than trying to improve everything simultaneously?!

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the year:

January – Healthy Eating

The beginning of the year is one of the best times to focus on fueling our bodies appropriately, giving us the energy we need to make it through the day.  Healthy eating can help us maintain positive mood levels and can give us an empowering sense of control.

February – Love and Marriage

If you are in a committed relationship, that relationship should be one of the most important relationships in your life.  Having a joyful, healthy relationship with our partners is a gift that keeps on giving.

March – Finances & Saving Money

Getting our finances in order to where we don’t have to worry excessively over money is crucial for decreasing stress levels.

April – Decluttering & Spring Cleaning

Getting rid of all the extra stuff cluttering our homes gives us a mental energy boost.  A tidy house feels more peaceful than a cluttered home.

May – Positivity & Inspiration

Having a positive outlook keeps your mood light.   We can and should look all around us in everyday life to find inspiration for positivity.

June – Meditation & Summer Family Fun

Meditating is wonderful for letting the brain take a much needed rest from all the busy thinking we do daily.  Summer family fun is a personal goal to help me focus on really making the most out of the summer vacation from school.

July – Say Yes Mothering

As a mother, “no” is a word I use very frequently.  I think taking time to say yes more to our children to let them experience life a little deeper will let us see the world through a child’s eyes again.

August – Time Management

I have a feeling all the yeses of the previous month will hamper our time management again.  School starts up for us during this month, and having a solid yet flexible schedule in place will keep our stress levels minimized.

September – Healthy Sleep Habits

School will be back in full swing, and it will be more important than ever to make sure healthy sleep habits are in effect.  Sleep is an essential part of our lives as it allows our bodies to grow, repair, and take a break from our daily activities.

October – Stepping Outside of Our Comfort Zone & Doing Scary Things

Stepping outside our comfort zone is easier said than done but is crucial for growth as a person.  Learning to fail is arguably just as important, if not more important, as learning to succeed.

November – Having a Grateful Heart

Being thankful for what we have is such a happiness booster.  Focusing on our blessings this month as we head into the hectic holiday season is a great way to keep our energies lifted.

December – Daily Good Deeds & Kindnesses

Focusing on doing daily good deeds and kindnesses for others is a wonderful opportunity to slow down and maintain a peacefulness through a very busy season.


And what is the sparkle again?

The sparkle is …

That inner light that we are all born with.

That feeling of contentment with yourself.

That feeling of being true to yourself and peaceful with your decisions.

That light-hearted joy and happiness that is often dulled with the drudgery of everyday life.

That part of us that fills the world with joy, love, laughter, and happiness.


Join me in keeping the sparkle!

I’ll be blogging about my experiences throughout the month as well as sharing any information that I’ve found helpful in my own life.  Feel free to join me on these month-long adventures in self-improvement.

Let’s work together to gather and keep our sparkles!



3 thoughts on “2017’s Monthly Areas of Focus

  1. You’re a rock star! Can’t wait to kick off 2017 with you & all these amazing challenges!! I love the idea of doing a monthly goal instead of jumping in feet first Jan 1 with all these big plans that I end up not following through on by Feb 1! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I agree! I love that sticking with a theme for a month feels so much more attainable than trying to better yourself in ALL WAYS POSSIBLE for an entire year! Small steps! 🙂

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