What is the Sparkle Anyway?

The sparkle is …

That inner light that we are all born with.

That feeling of contentment with yourself.

That feeling of being true to yourself and peaceful with your decisions.

A light-hearted joy and happiness that is often dulled with the drudgery of everyday life.


About Me

Hi, I’m Jennifer!  I’m happily married to my college sweetheart (GO HOKIES!), and we have three beautiful daughters (each with a sparkling personality of their own) as well as two kitties and multiple fishies. I love a great cup of coffee, all the food, playing hide and seek with my children, and of course naps.

Funny people and happy people are my favorites. There is nothing better in this world than laughing so hard that you lose your breath. And there’s nothing I’d rather do than bring others that level of joy. I started KeepingtheSparkle.com to help others realize their own happiness. I hope you find my blog to be uplifting and enjoyable.  Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.  And a big thank you for reading! 🙂


About KeepingtheSparkle.com

KeepingtheSparkle.com is a personal blog focused on inspiring health, making nutritious and wholesome meals, and encouraging life changes that leave you feeling your best.  Click here to see what sorts of areas I plan to cover in the blog.

Finding my own health has been life-changing for me.  My genuine hope is that my experiences and this blog help you achieve a greater happiness and self-esteem.

Far too often life drags us down and diminishes our inner creativity, our inner desires, and our inner light.  I want to inspire you to be a better you and to find and strengthen your own bit of sparkle in this world.  Let’s keep that sparkle and fill this dark world with joy, love, laughter, and happiness.





Questions?  Comments?  Email me at jennifer@keepingthesparkle.com