It’s been a month already?!?

First, I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU!!

It’s been just over ONE full month since I started blogging.  THANK YOU for any way you’ve supported me in this blog:

  • Reading my posts
  • Commenting on the blog
  • Following me on social media (Follow me!  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Giving me feedback, both face-to-face and through emails

I’ve loved writing to you more than I can express.  It’s been a great outlet for me to do something other than childrearing.  I hope my words are uplifting and positive, especially considering how much negativity the world bombards at us daily.

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Menu Monday & A Recap of Healthy Eating

Happy Monday, y’all!  I had a busy weekend, filled with a child’s birthday party, a little bit of impromptu shopping, an out of town dinner date with friends from high school, and the ever popular Costco trip.  🙂  I love that place.  The girls had an especially good time trying out all the furniture displays.  However, we had a minor catastrophe when my 2 year old lost my 4 year old’s tiny toy dog at some point during the trip.  My amazing husband retraced our steps and found the beloved pocket puppy.  All is well in the world again. Continue reading “Menu Monday & A Recap of Healthy Eating”

Healthy Eating Week 4 Check In

Hi!  I can hardly believe this, but we’ve just finished the 4th week of January.

Looking back, we’ve learned a lot:

I’ve had fun learning and sharing with you.  Let me know in the comments if you’ve learned anything, if you’ve tried any of the tips, or have any of your own to share!

What’s been working for me this week:

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Weight Loss Series – Part 3: Tips to Succeed with Weight Loss

Yesterday, I shared my personal story with losing weight.  This post highlights a few important ideas that I think are helpful for anyone who is trying to lose weight.  Before I tell you my thoughts, I want to reiterate that I am NOT a doctor.  You should speak with a medical professional before beginning any weight loss program.

Losing weight is a real need in our country.  Over 70% of the adult US population is overweight or obese.  And if you really want to feel heartbroken, click here to read some stats on childhood obesity.  Childhood obesity is particularly unsettling for me.  Those darling children are starting their lives at a terrible disadvantage with the odds stacked against their health.

Obesity is a crisis for our country on multiple levels, and we could probably go on all day about the causes behind the epidemic.  Instead of focusing on why we have a weight problem, today I’m going to focus on ideas to help you succeed in losing weight on a personal level.

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Weight Loss Series – Part 2: My Weight Loss

Yesterday, I gave you a small glimpse into my past, which shaped me into who I am today.  Today, I want to chat about how I lost the last of my baby weight (from three babies!) by making a few lifestyle changes. I’m confident I’ll never gain back that weight, unless I get pregnant again!  To any family or friends reading this blog, don’t hold your breath for that!

Last year, I got serious with myself. I lost 20 pounds over the course of three months.

Making the right changes would lead to a natural and sustainable weight loss rather than a forced weight loss that occurs with typical “dieting.”  I want to share exactly what I did so that you can be encouraged to do it too if you are struggling.  If I can do it, then I know you can do it too.

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Weight Loss Series – Part 1: My Background


I strongly dislike that word.  I actually cringe a little inside when I hear someone mention they are starting a new diet.  But I haven’t always felt this way.  I’m going to open up about my own struggles with weight over the next few days.  Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration somewhere in there somewhere.

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Menu Monday & Tips for Eating Out

I got positive feedback last week after sharing my menu plan, so I thought I’d share that again this week!  I’m sharing in a different format than last week, but you’ll get the point, I think 🙂

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Week 3 Wrap Up!

Good morning! We’re wrapping up Week 3 of focusing on healthy eating, and I have got to say that planning out all my meals as well as all the girls’ lunches and snacks was ahhhhhmazing! Such a great tool for anyone who wants to focus on eating well, stress less, AND save money and time!

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Freezer Cooking!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!  Today I want to chat about an awesome sanity-saver for busy lives.

Sometimes we have time to sit down as a family to eat dinner, but I don’t have time during the day to actually make dinner.

Sometimes unexpected things happen to where I don’t have time to make the dinner I had planned to make.

Sometimes I have a friend in need, and I want to send over a home-cooked meal but I don’t have time to make one.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking! (Can you believe that?!)

Freezer meals are the answer!

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Healthy Lunches On The Go!

Anyone else have to eat lunch on the go more often than they’d like?

I would much rather sit in my house at my own table and enjoy a freshly prepared lunch, but my current lifestyle doesn’t always allow for such things.  Between building friendships (read: social activities) and running errands, there are a few days where I can’t make it all the way back to my house to eat lunch and then back to town again to pick up my daughter from preschool.  It makes more sense to eat outside the house.

So instead of opting for fast food or something unhealthy, I plan ahead and pack a healthy lunch for myself and my two-year-old on those days.  I try to keep it simple.  Packed lunches don’t have to be fancy, just filling!

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