Finding Surprises While Decluttering

My month’s goal for April is to get rid of all our excess stuff.  I’m starting with the main level of my home.  Once I get that under control, I’ll move to the upstairs.  The upstairs has a LOT of problem areas:  my room, my older girls’ shared room, and a playroom/guest room.  Honestly, I don’t even want to think about those rooms, but I know that if I get them done, I’ll feel a weight lift from my shoulders.  Oh, and I also have the dreaded garage.  Why is it that everything ends up in the garage?!  I know why:  Because we don’t have a basement. 😊

I wanted to start with the less hard stuff and work my way up to the harder rooms.  Why?  I wanted to get some positive momentum going.  Once I complete a small task, I feel awesome about it.  That awesome feeling gives me a little boost of energy to do even more.  This week, I started with my desk, which turned out to be a bigger task that I had meant to start with.  However, my desk needed immediate attention.

Messy desk
This is REAL LIFE y’all. Please note Dora the Explorer ball under my desk.
Desk without Dora
Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel better?! Bu-bye Dora ball.

In addition to removing all the junk that had accumulated on my desk and throwing away junk mail and expired coupons, I also had a few binders that each needed organizing and straightening.  I have a binder for the blog, a binder for the children & school-related things, a binder for myself, and a binder for recipes.  I’m the worst with just putting papers inside of a binder without putting the paper where it actually needs to be!  This makes it hard to find papers when I need them.  I’m always shuffling through the entire binder, looking for a specific paper.  In order to combat myself, I made sure to include specific dividers in each binder to make everything easier to put away and consequently find when I need it.  😊

All that took a lot longer than I had imagined.  Especially the recipe binder.  I had SO MANY RECIPES pulled from magazines and printed from the interwebs that I’ve never made.  I went through all of them, got rid of the stuff I know I’ll never make, and I put the remaining clippings in a special section for recipes to try.  To keep my new recipes manageable, I refuse to add any additional recipes to that pile until I actually make all the ones I have.  😊   The desk and binders took two days.


The second project I tackled this week was my hall coat closet.

And this is what’s hiding behind door number 2!
Photo of clean closet here.
Space. There is now space in the closet.

The closet wasn’t too bad actually.  The box at the bottom of the closet is all our winter accessories–scarves, hats, gloves, etc.  I took that out for storage in the attic with the build a snowman kit and children’s winter jackets that are not needed this time of year.  Then I removed all the children’s jackets that they have outgrown or that they refuse to wear.  Those went into a box for consigning/giving away.

That backpack up in the corner is actually our medical to-go bag.  One year we had a lot of extra money leftover in our flexible healthcare spending account, and my husband decided to use the money to create medical emergency bags to keep around the house and in our vehicle as part of our zombie preparedness plan.

At the top of our closet, there are two boxes filled with various batteries.  I sorted and labeled those boxes.  Before, whenever we needed a battery, we grabbed both boxes and searched for the specific type.  Now, we can just grab one box and know the battery we are looking for is inside.  +1 for organization.

Surprise, Surprise!

Also in the closet, I found an expensive Christmas gift that we tried using once and couldn’t figure out.  Then we put it in a box to wait until we found time to try it again.  And I guess we never found time, and that box ended up in a closet.  We got that gift over two years ago.  Whoops, that’s not great, is it?

Anyway, the forgotten gift is a cleaning machine called a Mint.  It’s similar to a Roomba but Mint mops instead of vacuums.  We didn’t have a lot of hard floors in our last house.  Our current house has hardwood floors and linoleum throughout the main level, so finding this little personal mopping gadget was a welcome surprise. We plugged him up and got him going; this time without any difficulties.  Soooooooo, thanks mom and dad for the gift that we are finally using and sorry we didn’t create an opportunity to appreciate it earlier.  Better late than never?

The closet and the desk are all I’ve been able to get to this week.  I’ve been working whenever I find time.  Well that’s only partially true.  I’ve also napped every day this week.  I need the rest.  See Monday’s post for more info on that!  😊  My goals for the rest of the week include tackling three junk drawers, the top of my refrigerator, a bookcase and some downstairs toys & games.

Speaking of games, where do folks store their kid games?  If we store them out of sight, we’ll forget to play them.  But if we store them in sight, the children want to play them all the time.  Any suggestions on this??  Please comment below!  I’ll put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with for my own situation.




2 thoughts on “Finding Surprises While Decluttering

  1. Girl I do the same thing & always find hidden treasures! It’s like I went shopping without going to the store! I Love organizing though, it does make you feel so much better about life. My problem area is my closet with all my clothes. I’m afraid to get rid of anything, “just case” Lol- it’s like a mental thing! So weird bc I don’t have a problem throwing anything else out! Great job on organizing your areas, they look good 🙂

    1. Clothes are hard! I had to get rid of almost everything after losing weight last year. It was so hard to let things go, especially the things I really loved. But they were too big, and I’m confident I won’t ever fit into that size again. Even so, I held on to a few pieces I thought would work, so when I get decluttering my closet, I’m going to let quite a few things go that I haven’t worn this past year!

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