Free Food + Frugal Shopping Finds = Happy Budget

We’ve had a lucky couple of weeks for our budget!

If you are following me on Instagram, you saw that we recently had a table full of free pizza. A new branch of Uncle Maddio’s Pizza opened up in my town. And as a promo, they gave away free pizzas one Saturday from 11am to 2pm. I knew that they were planning to do the promo, but I thought for sure the line would be around the building. And with three little darlings in tow, a free pizza would not be worth the effort that would be required with waiting and all.

However, as we were finishing up our weekly Costco trip, employees from Uncle Maddio’s were in the parking lot drumming up business. They said there wasn’t much of a wait. So we hopped in the van and drove over. And sure enough, the wait was not long at all!

Hey there, Free Pizzas.  Where have you been all my life?

They gave out a free personal pizza to every person, which means that our beautiful and hungry family received FIVE pizzas for free! What a wonderful surprise lunch! AND just so you know, their pizza was DELISH.  We’ll happily go back to pay for own pizza next time.

Ice Cream is Life.

We also had free ice cream this week with free cone day at DQ. Super fun. I haven’t had a DQ ice cream cone in probably about a year or so. Maybe last free cone day? Haha. Highly recommend getting free ice cream whenever possible.

We had another surprise meal that we didn’t have to pay for when my parents unexpectedly came to visit and treated us to dinner and dessert. We tried out the steaks at a new chain in town. Then afterwards we went to a local ice cream shop to get homemade goodness. It’s always fun to see family, and what a nice surprise for our budget to boot!

I love free food and all, but I had another fortunate thing happen for my budget this month:  I found a good chunk of time to go clothes shopping!  I spent a solid two hours at Kohl’s scouring the markdowns and clearance racks. And I didn’t even make it through the whole store. I only shopped for myself!

None for you.

Here are my awesome Kohl’s finds from that trip:

How is the most expensive item out of these $4.60?! And the least expensive is $2.02?!

-A black sweater with lace peekaboo at the bottom, my most expensive purchase clocking in at $4.60.  So stinkin’ cute.  I’ve already worn it once with lots of compliments!  Yay!

-A fitted dark blue sweatshirt for $2.78. I bought a second one of these in gray. What can I say? I love comfort clothes. And I’m a mom.  I often pair a plain fitted sweatshirt with a scarf and some sparkly earrings and call it my sweatshirt glam look.

-A gray blanket sweater from Jennifer Lopez for $2.66. This sweater is super cozy. I imagine wearing it on cool winter days when I want to look stylish while being comfy to the MAX.  See my sweatshirt glam comment above.  Clearly I like to be comfortable.

-A pair of burgundy leggings for $2.22. I love burgundy!  And leggings!

-An adorable sheer white top from Lauren Conrad for $2.02

My Awesome Pants
Burgundy pants are so “in” right now. Especially when they are less than TWO DOLLARS!  Also, thank you in advance for not making fun of the bizarre camera angle.  I am technologically challenged, and I cannot get this photo to flip the right way and still be a normal size and not be distorted.  But look at my cool pants.

-And saving the best for last, it’s the best deal I’ve found in years… A pair of burgundy pants for $1.69.  THAT’S RIGHT, FRIENDS!  BRAND NEW PANTS FOR LESS THAN $2.  And if only you could feel these pants. They are so soft and amazing in every way. Luxury on a budget, y’all.

Total with tax: 19.74

I also had a merchandise credit from a long-overdue return. I ended up charging a whopping $6.40 to my Kohl’s card. And now I have a few more pieces for cooler spring days and to enjoy next year when the cooler seasons begin.

I love looking at all the things. Even though I cannot afford to buy all the things. Honestly, even if I could afford everything my little eyes saw, I wouldn’t want to buy it all. Where would I put it?! 🙂

Haha, seriously though, I do pride myself on looking mostly presentable while not wasting a fortune of money on clothes. It certainly helps that I enjoy shopping and looking through clearance racks. There’s an idea that psychologists call “flow.” It’s when you get “in the zone” or get lost in an activity. It feels like just a few minutes have went by when in reality, hours have passed. I’m not sure the term applies exactly, but I swear I am in extreme flow when I am shopping for a good deal.

I’ve always enjoyed it. Before having children, I had a select few friends who would agree to shop with me. These friends loved shopping as much as I did. However, I had quite a few friends that declined shopping extravaganzas with me. I heard more than once that I have to touch every single item in a store before I feel comfortable leaving the store. And that’s not far from the truth! Since having the girls, I rarely have time to shop like that anymore.  It felt so good to have an opportunity to look through everything, searching for a great deal on new clothes!

What’s the best deal you’ve ever found? Let me know in the comments! I LOVE hearing about good finds!!!!

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