Do You Know Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?

Today I wanted to share a cute little story-time play date idea of reading an adorable book and having a tasty book-themed snack!  The adorable book I’m referring to today is Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont.

The first time we read this book, we borrowed it from the library on a whim.  We liked it so much that we decided to buy a copy for ourselves.  This book is great for beginning readers as well as younger kids.  It has a lot of repetition in rhyme, so when we read it, it comes out sounding like a little song.  Basically, the kangaroo is making cookies, but she realizes her cookie dough is missing.  She asks another animal if he knows who ate all the cookie dough.  That animal directs her to another animal who promptly directs her to another animal.  We find out who eats all the cookie dough at the end under a lift-and-see flap.  Really a cute story! Continue reading “Do You Know Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?”

Crock Pot Spaghetti Squash with Veggie-Filled Turkey Meatballs

I love sneaking in vegetables, and I love crock pots.  What better way to combine the two than with a healthy version of the classic spaghetti & meatballs!?

This recipe makes a TON of meatballs.  You can cook them all at once and have leftovers, or you cook use the number of meatballs you need for your family and freeze the rest without being cooked.  To freeze them, line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Place the meatballs in a single layer with space between each meatball.  Allow to freeze for a few hours. Once frozen, put all in a freezer bag to be cooked as needed in the future.

My girls turn up their noses at spaghetti squash, so I supplement their meals with whole wheat noodles, adding them along with the spaghetti squash when serving.  They happily eat it all up.  Sneaking in veggies, such a mom thing to do!


Overnight Crock Pot Apple-Carrot Oatmeal

This slow cooker oatmeal recipe was inspired by one of my favorite desserts – carrot cake.  I love that it has no added sugars, which will help to keep you off that sugar-roller coaster first thing in the morning.  Topping off your bowl with a generous scoop of Greek yogurt and a handful of nuts increases the protein to help keep you satisfied until lunch.  Get it started before going to bed for the night, and wake up to the sweet aroma of a warm, healthy, and EASY breakfast!  Enjoy!

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