Meal Plan Monday & My Protein Powder

Goooood morning!  Happy Monday!

What a game last night, right?! What did everyone think of Lady Gaga at halftime last night? I loved her!  And the commercials?  My 4 year old was awake for the first few minutes of the game.  She almost never watches regular television with commercials, so she cracked up at all the silly commercials.  Hearing her laugh at everything made my night.  My 6 year old complained about my 2 year old doing something, and the sweet 4 year old immediately chimed in with an “Oh my” like the George Takei commercial.  Hilariously perfect timing.  She is most definitely a middle child.  A funny little goose.

Okay, on to my meal plan for the week and then I’ll share about my favorite protein powder!


Meal Plan


  • Eggs, peppers, onions, spinach, salsa & coffee (x4)
  • Apple-carrot quinoa/oatmeal & coffee (x2) (See note after meal plan!)
  • BLT with egg & coffee


  • Out to eat
  • Leftover split-pea soup, side salad
  • Salad with grilled chicken
  • Cottage cheese & apple
  • Peanut butter banana smoothie
  • Leftovers/whatever needs to be eaten from fridge (x2)


  • Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, side salad
  • Salmon cakes, roasted broccoli & potatoes, side salad
  • Pasta with roasted vegetables & bacon, side salad
  • White fish, brown rice, asparagus, side salad
  • Grilled cheese, tomato soup, side salad
  • Stuffed peppers, side salad
  • Lentil soup, garlic bread, side salad


  • Coffee with protein powder
  • Kombucha
  • Greek yogurt, bananas, & wheat germ
  • Peanut butter & apple slices


Trying to make my own yogurt!  (I’ll post about this adventure after it occurs!)

Granola bars for the kids

Note:  Turns out eating a bowl of quinoa first thing in the morning gives me a stomachache!  Apparently the high fiber content of quinoa can cause an upset stomach.  It took two days of pains after breakfast before I realized it was the quinoa.  Lesson:  Always listen to your body!  I started mixing the prepared quinoa into an equal amount of plain oatmeal.  No stomach pain since adding the oats.



My Favorite Protein Powder – Great Lakes Gelatin’s Collagen Hydrolysate

I wanted to give a little shout out to my protein powder today.  I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I still love it just as much as when I first started using it.  This protein powder is pure collagen.

You’ve probably heard of collagen.  It’s found in bone, skin, and connective tissues of animals.  It plays a role in skin elasticity, joint movement, and bone density.

Collagen production decreases naturally as you age.  Smoking, UV light exposure, and excess sugar consumption decrease collagen levels too.  As if you needed ANOTHER reason to avoid sugar.

A great source of collagen is homemade bone broth.  Hydrolyzed collagen is another option.  Collagen is a large molecule.  Hydrolyzed collagen is already partially digested, making it easier for our bodies to absorb.

Some people swear by consuming a tablespoon or two in a nightly tea for better sleep. And the scientific community thinks it’s worth a deeper look for joint pain and perhaps even wrinkles.

Regardless of whether collagen itself is a miracle protein, it is still a protein that the body will use the same as any other protein.

Why I prefer collagen hydrolysate over other protein powders:

  • This powder is simply protein – nothing else.
  • It has 11 grams of protein and 43 calories in two scoops.
  • No sweeteners.
  • No extra vitamins.  If you are already taking a prenatal or a multivitamin, you don’t have to worry about overconsumption of any vitamins.
  • No chalky aftertaste.
  • It’s completely flavorless.  It can go into anything without affecting flavor.
  • It dissolves easily by stirring in both hot and cold foods.

I’ve added this protein powder to oatmeal, coffee, tea, soup, smoothies, and yogurt. The options are endless.  I buy it in bulk, but you can also buy it in smaller containers.  Although I’ve tried other protein powders, I’ve always come back to collagen.

There are other brands, but I’ve not tried them.  Great Lakes recently changed their packaging, and I have to admit that I do not like the new packaging.  The new packaging seems childish, making the product seem less credible.  However, I’ve been happy with the product and haven’t switched brands over packaging yet.  I may try this brand next when I run out of Great Lakes.  The Amazon reviews are great for both products.

Has anyone else found a great unflavored, easily dissolved protein powder?!  I’d love to hear what you use in the comments.  And let me know if you try Great Lakes!




*A note about Great Lakes, they sell both collagen hydrolysate (in a green can) AND gelatin (in a red can).  Gelatin causes a liquid to firm up into a solid.  Gelatin is great to use to make homemade gummies or jello.

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