Menu Monday!

Helloooo friends!  We had a pretty chill weekend in terms of our activities and the weather.  Our unseasonable weather of the past few weekends left us this weekend, forcing us to remember that it is, in fact, still winter.  Brr!

dinner photos
A few dinners from last week’s meal plan 🙂


During the week, I stayed with my meal plan beautifully, except for one night.  I skipped my vegetable curry because I couldn’t get myself to the grocery store to pick up the red curry paste that I needed.  For that night, we ended up having peanut butter sandwiches.  I tell you, peanut butter sandwiches are my #1 backup plan.  It’s a little embarrassing.  But hey, everyone in the family enjoys it, so it works for us.  🙂

I decided to make my meal plan be as easy as possible this upcoming week.  So I spent Sunday prepping everything I needed for the week.  I made muffins and granola bars and shredded lots of veggies for the week.  I made a minestrone-like soup for our Sunday supper, and MMMMM was it good!!  I’m thankful that there is a lot of that left over for lunches this week.  Yay!  Now let’s check out my meal plan for the week!

  • Eggs, spinach, salsa, cheese & coffee
  • Banana-carrot quinoa/oatmeal & coffee
  • Out to eat with my husband
  • Leftover soup
  • Salad with rotisserie chicken
  • Peanut butter-banana smoothie
  • Salad with rotisserie chicken
  • Hot ham & cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries, side salad
  • Mexican salad with black beans & corn
  • Spaghetti & meatballs, side salad
  • Fish sticks, broccoli, apples, side salad
  • Shepherd’s pie, side salad
  • Ravioli bake, side salad
  • Coffee with protein powder
  • Kombucha
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Cottage cheese and fruit
  • Banana nut granola bars
Notes about meal plan:

This meal plan is decidedly EASY and full of prepackaged foods primarily from Costco.  We have some things going on this week that require that I make my home life as uncomplicated as possible, so we settled on less-intensive dinners this week.  From Costco, we bought the $5 rotisserie chicken, canned black beans, frozen corn, chicken meatballs, frozen fish sticks, a $5 frozen pre-packaged shepherd’s pie with no shady ingredients(!), and a bag of frozen ravioli to make lazy lasagna.  The only convenience item not from Costco in this menu was a bag of frozen sweet potato fries.

Even though we needed to go super-duper easy with a lot of convenience foods and processed foods, I feel like the menu is still pretty healthy.  Our grocery bill was definitely less this week since most of the foods we already had in our freezer or pantry.  And that is good news for our budget, which we’ll talk about tomorrow!  🙂


I’d love to hear in the comments what’s on everyone else’s menu for the week!



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