Menu Monday & A Recap of Healthy Eating

Happy Monday, y’all!  I had a busy weekend, filled with a child’s birthday party, a little bit of impromptu shopping, an out of town dinner date with friends from high school, and the ever popular Costco trip.  🙂  I love that place.  The girls had an especially good time trying out all the furniture displays.  However, we had a minor catastrophe when my 2 year old lost my 4 year old’s tiny toy dog at some point during the trip.  My amazing husband retraced our steps and found the beloved pocket puppy.  All is well in the world again.

All right, let’s start off with my menu for the week:


  • Apple-Carrot quinoa w/ Greek yogurt & nuts, coffee (x4)
  • Eggs with peppers, onions, spinach, salsa, & avocado, coffee (x3)


  • Salad with grilled chicken (leftover from last week)
  • Turkey, ham, & cheese sandwich with tomato & spinach, side salad
  • Carnitas over salad (leftover from Tuesday’s dinner)
  • Chicken salad wrap with spinach, Apple
  • Cottage cheese & berries, muffin from freezer batch
  • Leftovers/whatever needs to be eaten
  • Egg sandwich with tomato & spinach, side salad


  • Salmon, roasted broccoli, carrot slaw
  • Pork carnitas bowls with rice & veggies
  • Whole roasted chicken with root veggies & gravy, side salad
  • Chicken salad sandwiches, side salad, grapes
  • Crockpot sloppy joes, corn on the cob, carrot slaw, side salad
  • Out to eat with my family
  • Split pea soup, hot ham & cheese sandwiches, side salad


  • Coffee with protein powder in the mornings
  • Kombucha in the afternoons
  • Greek yogurt, bananas, & wheat germ (x2)
  • Peanut butter toast (x2)
  • Berries & cottage cheese

A few notes about this week’s menu:

I ran out of steel-cut oats to make my crock pot oatmeal, so I tweaked the recipe to use quinoa and made it on the stove top.  I make one big batch and eat from that through the week.

The salmon and carnitas were both on last week’s menu but I never made them.  I missed the salmon last week because my parents showed up and wanted to go out to eat for dinner.  Then I bumped the carnitas off last week’s menu after remembering that we had planned a dinner with friends Saturday evening.

Also please note that my children do not eat everything I eat.  I have a separate menu for their breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.  However, I try to give them something similar to what I am eating.  If I’m having eggs for breakfast, they will have eggs too.  They’ll eat a plain fried egg, and I’ll eat eggs with veggies.  If I’m having some sort of oatmeal, they will have oatmeal too.  Their favorite oatmeal is made with peanut butter, chia seeds, and honey.

We all eat the same dinner.  That being said, they don’t always eat dinner.  Particularly my 2 year old.  Girlfriend does not like to eat at dinnertime.  We don’t force it.  She says grace with us then usually proclaims she does not like anything we are serving.  We excuse her from the table, and she doesn’t eat until breakfast the next morning.  We figure she’ll eat dinner when she is hungry for it.   Maybe during the next growth spurt?!  Who knows.  I’ve given up trying to figure out toddlers.

Healthy Eating Month Recap and Follow Up

I cannot believe this month is coming to an end.  I hope I’ve taught you something or given you something to think about in your own quest to eat healthily.

What I’ve loved most about focusing on healthy eating this month and what I plan to continue doing:

  • Learning more about healthy eating in general
  • Sharing my own struggles and journey
  • Making the effort to plan all my meals
  • Focusing on getting protein in all meals
  • Avoiding added sugar
  • Making sure to get plenty of vegetables and including a side salad with nearly every dinner
  • Working towards eating mindfully more often than not (admittedly, I need a LOT of practice with this!)

Help me improve!

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you thought was interesting or if there is anything that you would like me to elaborate on.  Tell me what you’ve loved so far about my blog and what improvements I can make!  I would LOVE to know what YOU think as a reader.  🙂  Thank you for reading along while I figure out this whole blogging thing 🙂



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