Sometimes You Have It All Together, and Sometimes You Don’t

Hi friends!  It’s been entirely too long since I’ve worked on the blog.  It started out with sick children, and then I had a little spell where I was extremely tired but not actually ill thanks to the Epstein-Barr virus.  I’m sure I’ll write up a little post all about that one day.  In any case, I’m finally on the up and up, after missing most of April and all of May!  So let’s catch up, k?

Once we got sick, I abruptly stopped my April decluttering.  When I felt a little better, I worked as best I could.  Eventually I got through all the closets in the house, which included the hall closet, the girls’ closets, and my own.  What a good feeling to know that all the clothes in my closet are clothes that I actually wear and that fit!  🙂  I also made it through a few drawers in the kitchen, including the junk drawer, which is now much less junky.  Oh, I went through the downstairs children’s toys as well as the upstairs play room toys.  I labeled all the art supplies, so the girls can find what they need and put away what they use!  AMAZING.

BEFORE:  This may or may not be the most embarrassing room I’ve ever photographed in my own home.  SO MUCH STUFF.
AFTER:  Believe it or not, I got rid of a ton of stuff in here. Admittedly, the giant stuffed bear is something that could go on to a new home. But every time I start to pick him up, the girls protest, and I think back to my own childhood. My dad won a giant lion and two giant clowns from an amusement park.  They did not fit in our house. To my great disappointment, they went to live at a cousin’s home.  So we’re keeping the giant bear until my girls give me the okay to get rid of him. 🙂

But what did I do with all the things I removed from all these places?  I threw away several things immediately, including children’s papers filled with scribbles and random stickers artwork, broken toys, and clothes with holes or stains.  However, lots of our stuff was in good condition, so I gave away a small amount and put the rest in the garage.  I can’t count myself as finished until I remove this stuff from my house!  I have GOT to get to Goodwill or the consignment store or somewhere and unload all this stuff.  I’ll get a photo of my loaded up van when I do!

In addition to decluttering, I hired someone to have my cherry-colored cabinets painted white.  My kitchen is SO MUCH BRIGHTER now.  I love it.  Feels like I’m cooking in heaven.  Then, with the help of my husband, I also painted my entire kitchen and family room a light blue-gray color (Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand, in case you were wondering.)  My husband also built a BEAUTIFUL storage bench for our kitchen eat in area.  We’ve been here almost two years, and I’ve been postponing a lot.  It’s finally time for me to put effort into making this house a home!  🙂

Before: Welcome to my dark and yellow kitchen.
AFTER: Hello, light & airy kitchen!  I could dance and cook in you all day long! I LOVE YOU.


My only Pinterest-worthy part of the party set-up.  But seriously, could these cuties be any cuter?!
This photo does not do this tiger justice. He was huge!  He was ferocious!  He was in our yard.  All. Day. Long.

We had a super fun Tiger-themed birthday party for my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday.  Tiger bounce house.  Enough said.

Let’s see, oh, another big thing happened this past month.  We took fancy family photos!  Our photographer directed my bunch of hooligans with ease, and she made sure everyone’s hair and dresses were in the right spot.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  I won the session & a single large print, but we are buying a couple other prints too.  Exciting!

As for the blog itself, I really wanted to post uplifting positive ideas and inspiration during the month of May, but boy I missed the boat there!  Haha, what does that say about me and positive thinking?!  🙂

Honestly, sometimes you have it all together, and sometimes you don’t.  I didn’t have it together for May!  May is always a crazy-busy month for my family.  Several family birthdays, Mother’s Day, school field trips, and end of school year celebrations…  And this year I added in a baby shower for a very beautiful inside & out long-time friend, a weekend road trip with my oldest daughter to visit some dear friends, and a celebration with my fitness tribe for completing a three-month long fitness challenge.  I loved every single bit of everything.

But even good things bring stress.  The stress must have triggered my Epstein-Barr, and I was exhausted.  I had to let something go, and unfortunately, I’m in a season of life where my beloved blog had to wait.  Thank you for understanding, dear reader 🙂  I’m back now, so let’s chat about my goals and ideas for June!

First up:  Meditation!  I have wanted to try meditation for a long time because I have read about its amazing health benefits.  However, meditating doesn’t come naturally to me.  That being said, with the fast-paced lives we live, I think it would be extremely beneficial to slow down and take 10 to 15 minutes to really focus on breathing and clearing our minds.

Second:  Family Fun!  I LOVE the summer, and I love having all my girls home with me.  Actually, each of them have had a fever off and on for the past week, so that’s not fun.  But in general, I do enjoy having them around.  I’m planning to blog about some of the fun things we have going on and some of the fun ideas I have for the summer.  Ahhhhh, so exciting!

Again, thank you so much for being patient with my blog as I’m starting out and having hiccups.  I don’t want to have such a long break from blogging again!  Did you miss me?!




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    1. Do you have an idea of how to start meditating? I know they have apps for it and there are different ways of meditating. I’m hoping to wake up earlier and create a little ritual to start my day. And thanks for complimenting my kitchen. It FEELS amazing!

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