Week 1 Progress, Thank You, and Looking Forward to Week 2!

Today marks a full week into the month.  I have loved focusing on healthy eating and sharing with you.

My biggest challenge this week was eating all my meals mindfully.  I am cutting myself a little slack since life happens and all.  Each of my three darlings have been sick separately this week.  My littlest with a stomach bug on January 1st, my middle with a fever Tuesday-Thursday, and my oldest with a fever Wednesday.

I feel comfortable giving myself a break with all that going on!  I’m aiming for improvement not perfection, and I encourage you to do the same!  🙂

Today also wraps up my first week being an official blogger.  I have already learned so much.  But I have so much more to learn and so much more that I want to do with the blog.  I’ve spent years and years thinking about blogging, determining which direction I wanted to go, and figuring out what I wanted to share.

Along the way, I’ve had MANY fortunate coincidences that have pushed me closer and closer to this goal.

With the new year approaching, I had a light bulb moment.  Monthly topics were EXACTLY what I wanted and needed for the blog.  I chose each month’s topic purposefully with the intention of improving an aspect of my life that I felt pertinent to keeping the sparkle and the light in life.

I was absolutely TERRIFIED to start telling people about this new adventure because it was so personal to me.  The what-ifs creeped in:

What if people think I’m really dumb?

Or just really weird? 

What if I get trolled?

What if people make fun of me, my ideas, or what I find important in life?

As soon as I got started writing, all those fears melted away.  Things fell in place unexpectedly and beautifully.

With the exception of mothering my children, I haven’t felt this good about something I’ve done in a long time.  SO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR READING!

Feel free to share the blog with friends, family, or strangers even, and follow Keeping the Sparkle on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Phew, all the feels.

Now let’s look forward to Week Two!

First, I’m planning to have a protein-rich breakfast daily.  A breakfast rich in protein should help keep us full until the next meal.  And it gives us a head start on getting enough protein in our diets for the day.

I’m also avoiding sugar at breakfast.  Yesterday’s post about sugar has a lot of information on why I find it important to avoid added sugars in general.  However, I find it especially important to avoid sugar in breakfast.

Breakfast is the first opportunity in the day to appropriately fuel our bodies.  Let’s make it a goal to set the tone for the day by not hopping on the sugar roller coaster first thing in the morning!

If you use sugar in your morning cup o’ joe, add a little less than usual every few days until you wean yourself off.  Commercial creamers usually contain added sugar as well.  Try half & half instead.  The fat in half & half should help with the transition to no sugar.  I prefer getting a little extra fat in my diet over jumping on that sugar train first thing in the day.

I’m going to continue keeping a food journal and drinking enough water.  I’ll continue to practice eating mindfully.


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