Week 3 Wrap Up!

Good morning! We’re wrapping up Week 3 of focusing on healthy eating, and I have got to say that planning out all my meals as well as all the girls’ lunches and snacks was ahhhhhmazing! Such a great tool for anyone who wants to focus on eating well, stress less, AND save money and time!

I had to make a few changes to my meal plan during the week.  However I stuck with the plan very well for the most part.

We had another family over for dinner Friday night. I ended up having a few glasses of wine and eating a different (extra delicious!) dessert Friday night. I love knowing that I can splurge when the opportunity arises because I’ve been diligent in eating healthily the rest of the time.

That being said, I splurged again this morning with French toast, which wasn’t on the menu plan either. Haha, but I’m back on my meal plan as of lunch today.  I won’t let two meals steer me off course! I know how good I feel when I’m eating healthily. I plan on righting this ship and eating the way that keeps my energy and mood up!


Speaking of mood, I’ve been reading Kelly Brogan’s A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives. Although I feel like a few of her ideas are excessive, it’s a fascinating read. I highly recommend it, especially if you suffer from bouts of mild depression or anxiety. The ebook is only $1.99 on Amazon, and I’d say the book is well worth that in knowledge!  The more you learn, the more you know, and the better equipped you are to make your own well-informed decisions!

Monday, I’m going to share my meal plan for the week again!  I got positive feedback about sharing my meal plan last week, so I’m considering doing that every Monday.  It gives you as a reader additional ideas for your own meal plan, and it gives me a sense of accountability with following the plan for the week.  🙂  In addition to the meal plan, we’ll talk about some of my favorite eating out strategies for healthy eating!  Have a great weekend!!



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