Healthy Eating Week 4 Check In

Hi!  I can hardly believe this, but we’ve just finished the 4th week of January.

Looking back, we’ve learned a lot:

I’ve had fun learning and sharing with you.  Let me know in the comments if you’ve learned anything, if you’ve tried any of the tips, or have any of your own to share!

What’s been working for me this week:

I’ve been so pleased with how menu planning has been working in my home.  My diet has been awesome these past two weeks, even though I haven’t been able to stick to the meal plan 100%.  I had to switch around meals and improvise due to unexpected events… ahem, or maybe due to my forgetting to thaw frozen meat.  Whoops!  🙂

Even with the modifications, I’m happy to report that I fell back into the meal plan quickly. And I’ve been really happy with implementing it.  I highly recommend planning all meals to stay on the healthy eating path!

For my freezer meal this week, I made enchiladas.  I doubled the filling and froze half before rolling the remainder in enchiladas for dinner that night.  Next time I need to make enchiladas, I’ll thaw the filling, roll the enchiladas, and quickly prep the green cream sauce.

Filling for Beef & Corn Enchiladas and Kale Cream Sauce

Click here for the recipe for the enchiladas by Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice.  We’ve been making these for several years now. I think the recipe is perfect as is!

I’m headed out now to a dinner with some long time friends.  I have to admit that when I planned my menu for the week, I COMPLETELY FORGOT about this dinner date.  That makes tonight’s dinner ANOTHER deviation from my schedule.

Since I’ve been (mostly) following my meal plan the rest of the week, I feel absolutely no guilt for all the fried chicken and mashed potatoes I’m about to devour!  OM NOM NOM, friends!  Have a great weekend!



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